Ô Facial Cleanser – Cleanses and purifies the skin by removing impurities for a renewed and refreshed look.

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  • Remove makeup, dirt, sweat and oil from the skin
  • Deep cleansing and moisturizing.
  • Analgesic and antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces scars, pimples and blemishes

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‘’The Mind Naturals’ Refresh Cleanser isn’t the only thing that helps make this super chic face wash so gentle on skin.‘’


Ms Cynthia R

Best Face Mask

The mask has a nice texture and leaves the skin smooth.

Progressive regeneration with an anti-ageing effect.

Ô is a brand that inspires a sense of reverence towards the beauty of the world and the beauty of self.

Ô By Paulina Vega

Paulina is a well-established figurehead in the fashion and beauty industry serving as a proud embassador to the female Latin American community.

Currently Miss Vega is also working with well-known brands Globally.

Ô pH Balanced Facial Cleanser

Suitable for removing makeup, dirt, sweat and oil from the skin providing deep cleansing and moisturizing.


Highly moisturizing natural oil that effectively removes waterproof make-up and excess oil from the skin

Analgesic and antioxidant



Natural oil rich in phenolics, phytosterols and tocopherol



Omega 3,4,5 and 6




Eliminates skin impurities

Combats acne


Reduces scars, pimples and blemishes

Forms a natural barrier to protect the skin from the sun’s rays

Antioxidant cell protection

Our Packaging in Harmony with Nature 

Plastic packaging is convenient but its impact on our planet is not. All of our products are either made with plant or sugar-based materials and/or recyclable, ensuring a minimal carbon footprint for us and our customers

3 reviews for Ô Facial Cleanser – Cleanses and purifies the skin by removing impurities for a renewed and refreshed look.

  1. Kavya Patel

    Bought the Cleanser and Moisturising cream as they were on offer. Very pleased with the results. The cleanser is not at all harsh and the mositurising cream is lovely. My skin feels great!

  2. Christian

    gentle cleanser, gives the skin a renewed look.

  3. Geetanjali Chellani Lath

    This cleanser is awesome…
    After using this my skin is looking smooth and refresh…
    100% recommended…

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